Vaccinated foreigners with negative PCR may enter the country without quarantine

The government resolved this Wednesday that foreigners who enter the country with a negative PCR test and two doses of any of the coronavirus vaccines will be exempt from the quarantine procedure, in addition to the 15 days after immunization completed. This was reported by Telemundo and confirmed by El País based on sources from the Presidency.

So far, a series of conditions of entry into the country during the health emergency apply. The negative PCR test for coronavirus is required, carried out up to 72 hours before the start of the trip.

In addition, an affidavit is requested through the Coronavirus Uy application or the Online Procedures website where the absence of symptoms and contact with confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 and the seven-day preventive quarantine is manifested, which is now Raise.

source: El Pais

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