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Welcome to FilComUruguay – Your Hub for Filipino Community in Uruguay!

Who We Are: Discover the beating heart of the Filipino community in Uruguay at FilComUruguay. We are your go-to destination for forging connections, celebrating culture, and finding your place in the warm embrace of fellow Filipinos making Uruguay their home.

Our Mission: At FilComUruguay, our mission is to create a thriving community hub where Filipinos in Uruguay can connect, share experiences, and celebrate our cultural richness. We are dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging and creating lasting bonds within the Filipino diaspora.

Our Story: Embark on our journey, which began with a small group of Filipino expatriates seeking unity in a foreign land. Today, FilComUruguay stands as a testament to the strength of community, weaving together diverse stories, experiences, and traditions.

What We Do: FilComUruguay isn’t just an association; it’s a family. From lively celebrations of Filipino festivities to language classes and cultural exchanges, we provide opportunities for connection and personal growth. Be a part of our vibrant community and let the richness of Filipino culture complement your Uruguayan experience.

Get Involved: Whether you’re a seasoned resident or a newcomer to Uruguay, FilComUruguay extends a warm invitation. Engage with us through events, workshops, and gatherings, and experience the unique blend of Filipino warmth and Uruguayan charm.

Connect With Us: Stay in the loop with our latest events, news, and community highlights by following FilComUruguay on social media. Join our online conversations and be a part of a community that not only celebrates Filipino heritage but also integrates seamlessly into the Uruguayan tapestry.

FilComUruguay – Your bridge to Filipino culture in Uruguay. Join us on this exciting journey of friendship, culture, and community building!


Filipino Community in Uruguay contact details

Consulado Honorario de Filipinas en Montevideo
Cónsul Honoraria: Anna María G. Zosa
Dirección: Dr. Jose Scoseria 2733. Montevideo, CP 11300
Teléfono fijo: +598 27111621
Teléfono celular: +598 99 267 678
Email: consuladofilipinas.uruguay@agzglobal.com | azosa@agzglobal.com

Contact our filipino community facebook page:


You may also contact:

Arar Romorosa

email: arar@arwonderer.com





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