Watch: Taxes in Uruguay Q&A

Juan Troccoli manages the corporate tax and accounting department at Andersen, which is one of the largest tax and legal firms in Uruguay. He has a degree from Georgetown on international taxation.

So he’s really the person for Karen A Higgs, founder of @Guru’Guay to be bringing international readers’ questions about taxes in Uruguay. In this interview they jump right in to discuss the point at which a foreigner needs to start paying tax, tax obligations when you live in Uruguay but work for a company abroad, taxes on royalties and tax breaks for business owners. And Karen asks whether filing taxes in Uruguay is going to get less frustrating in the future.

Watch the video:

video credit to:

Video production: Guru’Guay

Interviewer: Karen A Higgs, Guru’Guay

Experts: Juan I Troccoli at Andersen

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