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This are some of the questions from my friends and family about why I choose, travel and reside in Uruguay.

First, you will be wondering what is Uruguay? your family and friends will be asking you, What is there in Uruguay? Why do you want to know and travel to Uruguay? why not Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Why Uruguay?

Before I made a decision to come here, first I’ve done many research and studies, the economy, the moral, social and political status of Uruguay. I worked in Saudi Arabia for more than 6 years as Secretary to the Finance Director of CPC Holding Group, one of the largest Multi-Billion company in the Middle East but, we cannot assure that our life as expatriates an overseas workers will be permanent or will be forever, since we are just expatriates, a foreigner working in the Arab country, in many years of working, I came out to a decision to be stable, to be permanent, to obtain the benefits while staying and contributing to the country’s economy, but it’s not, Saudi Arabia benefits are only for Arabs and Muslim, if you are born, or married with saudian national then its only the way to become a citizen of their country.

In more than 6 years in Saudi Arabia, if I work and live in the other country, probably, I am now a citizen of the other country, as one of the requirements to become a citizen, like here in Uruguay or even the other countries.

I did not choose Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and etc, why? because, even though these countries are wealthy with higher standards and they said greener pasture, it’s already a common destinations for many immigrants and mostly for Filipinos. I am a person who loves adventure, researcher, discoverer and choose to be a unique, greener pasture for me, means being able to reside or obtain happiness in a certain place, makes me happy or to live independently in my own discovery and makes progress.

I’ve researched and compared countries that suitable for my criteria before I apply for the visa, the following are my criteria to choose the best country to work, live and obtain residency.

  1. Discrimination – I want to have a fair labor practice, unlike Saudi Arabia and of course, Saudi Arabia is an Islamic county where LGBT are prohibited and forbidden, If you are one or member of the LGBT group and you want to be free, then, the Arab country is not for you if you can control and handle your self and determined to focus only for work and save money like what I did then it’s fine, you can save money there since bars, liquors are not allowed, products and your salary are tax-free.
  2. Easy Immigration Process – Visa application takes only less than 2 weeks for me with an easy requirement (will explain further on this article)
  3. Tourist or visitors visa can apply for work and change their tourist status to temporary residency or permanent residency (will explain later on the article)
  4. You can be a permanent resident and you can obtain dual citizenship after 3 or 5 years of living or working from the day you arrived in the country
  5. Once you become a citizen, the country has a powerful passport that you can travel anywhere like the European / Shenzhen countries without visa and etc.
  6. A country that offers Free Education from Elementary to University, Free Hospitalization.
  7. Affordable cost of living in the most important needs, like water, electricity, milk, foods.


Filipino national needs visa in order to enter Uruguay, you may check this link if your COUNTRIES REQUIRED VISA. The application is so easy through electronic mail.

In my situation, as I work and live in Saudi Arabia, I search the embassy or consulate of Uruguay in saudi arabia and get the contact details especially the email address. I sent an email to the Uruguay embassy as inquiry on how to obtain a visa, and the embassy responded promptly.

  1. Email the Embassy or Consulate of Uruguay that you want to apply as a tourist or Student Visa.
  2. The Embassy of Uruguay will reply to you, with the attachment forms that you need to fill-up with all the requirements to be completed before you send it back to them.


  • Forms sent from Uruguay Embassy/Consulate (Fill-up and Scan)
  • Passport Copy (Scanned)
  •  Hotel Booking (Optional) not necessary if someone sponsored you
  • Invitation Letter (Optional) if someone has invited you (friends, Fiancee,
    Relatives, Family)
  • Employment Certificate (From your company stating your monthly salary and position) along with the Payslip
  • Bank Statement (6 months) with a stamp from your bank
  • Iqama Copy (Scanned) necessary if you are in Saudi Arabia
  • School Admission Certificate (Optional if you apply for a study visa)
  • Ticket Itinerary (Optional)
  • Application cover letter (if you need some request or something to explain regarding your application
  • Interview (Optional) depend on the visa officer and on your situation

3. Gather this all requirements, scan and attach to your email responding to the email from the embassy.

4. Keep the Original Documents.

5. In 1 to 3 days the embassy will respond on your submitted application and will call you once they need more documents to be submitted, it took 15 days process or 1 month depending if you have completely sent the requirements for 1 time.

5. After 15 days process, the Embassy will call you if your visa is approved or not, but if Approved! The embassy will instruct you to send the SAR 160 pesos payment for visa sticker with your original passport through FEDEX, ARAMEX or DHL, and within 2 to 3 days they will return your passport with the visa.

In my situation, I have contacted a school in Uruguay to study the Spanish language for 2 months and the school has sent me the admission confirmation that I attached during my application of visa.

And if you need help for school admission or any assistance just let me know or send me a message to my Facebook account: Arar Romorosa or email: and I can assist you.

Embassy Contacts: 

Carmela Michelle Roxas Manlapaz
Consulado de la República del Uruguay en Filipinas
2F GT Tower, 6813 Ayala Avenue corner H.V. dela Costa Street, Makati City
Telephone: (+632) 8836764
Fax: (+632) 856-3847

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Embassy of Uruguay
P.O. Box 94346 Riyadh 11693 Saudi Arabia.
Tel: +966-462-0739  | F: +966 4620638


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