Uruguayans will need to apply an “ETIAS” to travel to Europe

It is confirmed that Uruguay will be one of the more than 60 countries whose nationals will need an ETIAS travel permit in order to enter the Schengen Area of ​​Europe for tourism or business.

Uruguay will accompany 14 other Latin American nations that are currently exempt from any permit or visa to travel to the European continent for the aforementioned reasons. The other Latin American countries included are the following:

– Argentina

– Brazil

– Chile

– Costa Rica

– Colombia

– Dominica

– The Savior

– Guatemala

– Honduras

– Mexico

– Nicaragua

– Panama

– Paraguay

– Peru

– Venezuela

Below is all the information related to this European travel permit that will come into force in 2022, as well as how the way Uruguayans visit the old continent will change. More information by clicking on this link .

Travel from Uruguay to Europe today

Today, Uruguayan citizens do not have to process any travel permit or tourist visa to enter any of the countries of the European Union for reasons related to tourism, business or transit to third countries.

However, in 2022 of the ETIAS visa exemption will mean that Uruguayan nationals will have to apply for this travel permit, even when they make short stays in Europe for the aforementioned reasons.

The ETIAS travel authorization will be similar to ESTA for the USA. or the eTA for Canada. It is expected that this permit will be very easy to process, since it will not require you to go personally to an embassy in a European country, but it can be requested entirely online.

Likewise, it should be remembered that, at present, when stays are extended for more than 90 consecutive days or the reasons for traveling to Europe are other (studies, work, permanent residence, etc.) if a visa is required specific to be able to be legally.

How does ETIAS affect Uruguayans?

ETIAS is the acronym in English for the European Travel Information and Authorization System that the EU has created to streamline the entry of visitors from countries outside the European Union.

At the same time, ETIAS is expected to serve to exercise greater control over foreign citizens who travel to Schengen area territories each year, implementing measures such as artificial intelligence in the EU that help safeguard border security.

In 2022, once this travel permit takes effect, the thousands of Uruguayans who travel to Europe each year will be required to process an ETIAS to visit any of the following countries:

– Germany

– Austria

– Belgium

– Denmark

– Slovakia

– Slovenia

– Estonia

– Spain

– Finland

– France

– Greece

– Hungary

– Iceland

– Italy

– Latvia

– Liechtenstein

– lithuania

– Luxembourg

– Malt

– Norway

– Netherlands

– Poland

– Portugal

– Czech Republic

– Sweden

– Switzerland

Having an ETIAS will be really necessary, since without this European visa exemption you will not be able to access any of the states mentioned.

However, it is worth noting that one of the benefits of ETIAS is that only a single permit is required to travel to any of the 26 Schengen countries . Of course, stays can never exceed 90 consecutive days.

What will be the requirements to apply for ETIAS?

In order to process an ETIAS travel permit for Europe from Uruguay, you will need to have:

– A Uruguayan passport (or from an eligible country) valid for a minimum of 6 months.

– An email address to make the request and receive the approved ETIAS.

– A credit or debit card to pay the ETIAS fee.

If the requirements are met, the ETIAS application can be started by completing a simple online form. This process will be really easy and can be done from any electronic device (computer, mobile or tablet).

The information required in the ETIAS form for Uruguayans will include:

– Full name and surname

– Nationality

– Date, place and country of birth

– Current mailing address

– Contact phone number

– Email address

– Passport details

In addition to these data, the ETIAS application form will have a second part that will include a series of questions related to health and safety in which the applicant must be completely honest with his answers.

Completing this form completely should take no more than 20 minutes (depending on the applicant’s agility). Once sent, in most cases, the approved ETIAS visa exemption will be received in less than 72 hours, via email, and valid for 3 years.

Finally, it is important to highlight the fact that having an ETIAS will be mandatory but not a guarantee of entry to the EU. European border officials will have the last word to allow or deny access to Europe

source: montevideo portal


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