Some Caucasians give up their high-paying jobs in their countries and decide to live in the Philippines

Montevideo, Uruguay, a Civil Engineer, P.E. is one of the Caucasian who decided to live in the Philippines for good. 

Below is his statements and experiences that he shared to quora website. 

I’m in Philippines right now as you can see my photo. The photo is swimming with whale sharks in Oslob. I’ve met plenty of relatively well off Caucasians here but none of them are living like a typical Filipino. You can easily live a first world lifestyle here if you’re close to one of the big cities like Manila or Cebu and for far less than what it would cost in the US. This is where I’m staying right now.

Not exactly a typical 3rd world accommodation. A 1 bedroom bungalow with my own pool, walking distance to the beach for only $45 a night. This same place would be $150+ a night in Florida.

No one I have met left a high paying job to come to Phils and live in a shanty town. They come here because they can live in a beach front bungalow like this for 700 USD a month. The expenses are far lower in Philippines which allows someone to quit their high paying job and retire at a younger age yet still have the same lifestyle as in their native country.

(c) a Civil Engineer, P.E


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