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As DevOps is a new field, many DevOps engineers transition into DevOps from other roles. As a DevOps engineer, you’ll also need to be familiar with configuration management tools. These tools help IT professionals consistently configure the different system or network elements.

DevKinsta offers database management, in-built email testing, WordPress error logging, and simple deployment. Chef is built around the “Chef Server,” which acts as its operations center. The Chef Server oversees and manages the Chef Workstations and Chef Nodes on the network. Like Puppet, Chef allows developers to set the desired state for their system in the form of a “Cookbook.” Facebook, IBM, and Rakuten all use Chef. DevOps engineers optimize the system release cycle by reducing the time and resources needed for projects or updates. There are many ways DevOps engineers improve the release cycle, including removing time drains, prioritizing critical components of each release, or introducing new software and tools.

Career Growth Milestones to Put on Your Calendar, According to an Engineering Manager

DevOps engineers belong to the occupational field of computer and information technology. In this industry, jobs are expected to grow 15 percent between 2021 and 2031 [1]. The average growth rate for all occupations is 8 percent, placing computer and information technology careers in the above-average range. As of February 2023, over 4,000 DevOps engineer positions were listed on Glassdoor [2].

how much does devops engineer make

To create an impressive CV, you can utilize a CV template specifically designed for DevOps Engineers. This template provides a comprehensive framework to highlight your technical abilities, project experience, and relevant certifications. The cash will be put toward building out Kusari’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, co-founder and CEO Tim Miller said, and growing the startup’s team from eight people to about 15.

How to earn more as a DevOps Engineer

Kubernetes (also known as ‘K8s’) is an open-source system for deployment and management that uses containerization. Kubernetes offers automatic rollouts, configuration management, automated container packing, batch execution, and load balancing (among other features). A programming language uses a compiler to convert code into machine code. Raygun tracks deployments, customer experience, errors and crashes, and how users interact with the system. Brands like Coca-Cola, Target, Microsoft, and Avis all use Raygun. Finally, DevOps engineers constantly track software and systems to help resolve system errors quickly.

  • To become a DevOps Engineer, you will need a Computer Science, Software Engineering for Business, or Software Development Degree.
  • DevOps engineers also liaise with users, management, and developers when designing a system.
  • While this may require additional time and effort, it can also lead to increased earnings.

You’ll also need to develop strong collaboration, listening, and project management skills. As organizations continue to embrace DevOps practices to enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and deliver software more efficiently, the demand for skilled DevOps engineers remains robust. A software developer interested in network operations and product deployment can become an engineer.

DevOps Engineer Skills You Must Have

For example, someone eager to build upon their DevOps-centric leadership skills might consider becoming certified in DevOps Culture and Mindset from the University of California, Davis. However, some employers accept related software engineering experience or those with certifications how to become a devops engineer in DevOps engineering instead of a degree. The next few sections outline the career path of a DevOps engineer from an entry-level to a senior role. You can gain in-demand DevOps skills from an industry leader in technology with IBM’s Introduction to DevOps.

But you can rest assured knowing that it’ll all pay off emotionally, professionally, and financially. And if you ever need help figuring out your next steps, our community is always there to support you along the way. The skills you bring to the table as a DevOps Engineer have a major impact on your salary.

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